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Enugu Ezike Pioneer graduates

by Eke Ugochukwu. 1994


This is a golden opportunity to name the pioneer graduate of Enugu Ezike. These people should be identified, recognized and indeed honoured. They saw the flight, joined and the flight and reached the height.


Enugu Ezike is located at the extreme northern part of Enugu State. It is made up of thirty five (35) villages. It one of the thickly populated towns in Nigeria. Comparatively, on can assert that Enugu Ezike is developing fast and will still hope that the new breeds will hasten the development by scoring the ball already set rolling. In the end posterity will inherit a developed Enugu Ezike. This may sound incredible though ideal but realizable if only the hands of sons and daughters of Enugu Ezike can be on deck.


This write up is entirely to honour tose whom honour is due. The present writer carried a research and was able to uncover six graduates in Enugu Ezike. The first, second and third graduates in Enugu Ezike, males and females respectively.


The page setter and pioneer in Enugu Ezike is J.O. Eze. He is a native of Amachalla Okwo. Johnson M.O. Eze bagged his fist degree in 1962. He graduated from the University of Durham, England. Today, J.O. Eze is a professor of Biology. He is yet the only professor in Enugu Ezike but many more are in the pipeline. He started well for a market, which only him instituted (in 1962), today, has a great population. There are now many graduates and undergraduates. G.J.O. Eze has served in so many placeds.he came back from England in 1965. He worked with Ahmed Bello University Zaria. In the wake of the civil war, Prof. Eze went to Sierra Leon Prominent places where he worked when he came back was University of Benin as a lecturer and Provost Federal College of Education Eha-Amufu. Now he is with Enugu State University of Science and Technology J.O. Eze is a quiet, gifted and talented person. A visit to Professor Eze is a visit to ‘buy’ wisdom! Every work that comes from him is not only educative but a prone to develop, and change the recipient for better. In his own how he is already a faculty. No wonder, then that he is a Professor. One will confirmed that, after visiting him in the quarter allotted him by ESUT. Professor Eze is married with children.


The second University graduate in Enugu Ezike is Chief Nduka i. Eya. He graduated at University of Nigeria Nsukka. Nduka hails from Amufia Eze. Nduka Eya is already a house-hold name in the state. His biography in the magazine has the rest of the story about him. Chief Eya is presently a Director General Ministry of Finance, Enugu State. He is married with children.


The third university graduate in Enugu Ezike is Gariel S. Ugwuanyi. He got his first degree in 1965 at UNN G.S. Ugwuani is a native of Olido Ogili Enevu. He has served in so many places in different capacities. He is the pioneer and indefatigable principal of Teachers Training College Enugu Ezike, Igbo-Eze. He is married with children.


I have exhausted the male pioneer graduates in Enugu Ezike, now it is the turn of the females. It is not worthy that these females graduated much later than the male aforementioned.


The first female graduate is Sarrah Nkem Adukwu. She bagged her first degree in 1978. Her Alma Mater is Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. She is a native of Amufie Ezza. Sally Nkem Adukwu is a PH.d holder and principal Assistant Registrat, Federal College of Education Okene. She is married with children. Her fullname is Dr. (Mrs.) Sally Nkem Bogunjoko (nee) Adukwu.


The second female graduate in Enugu Ezike is Ojeshu Benedette Ada Eze. She had her H.ND in 1979 but later got B.Ed. from Ahmedu Bello University, Zaria. She is a native of Imufu Oguji. Famous Ojieshu’s popularity is pronounced in her being a politician.


The third female graduate is Bridget Mayiri Iyida (Mrs.) Mayiri is a native of Olido Ogili Enevu. She takes a third seat as next female to get University degree in 1981 at UNN. She I now a principal Education Officer) Local Govt. Supervisor for Igbo-Eze South L.G.A.). She is married with children.


I doff my hat for these graduates particularly the first graduate in Enugu-Ezike. Pioneers, accept my congratulations. OAUG hails you. The TRIAL lauds you.



Silver shines, Gold glitters, Diamond dazzles. But greatness is your academic crown. A sharp sword never returns to the sheat. Nor arrow to it’s quiver. So are the life of heroes and heroines. The tortoise Anus is hot but your hands pierced through you passed through the eye of the niddle, and came our not feeble I lift my trumpet in appraisal for your arrival from the citadel of learning.


Is like bread put into the Ovum coming out triumphantly baked like jewels you will never fade. Time and Tide will never forget you our pride, the pioneers, and pacesetters.

Culled from The Trail Vol 1, No. 1 , OAUG, 1994.


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