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This site was last updated on Thursday, 05 January 2006



OK, here's some boring stuff about me. My first name is Ike Chukwu; an Igbo name which literal translation would be "the power of the Almighty". I was baptized in the Catholic church with my dad's Christian name, Sylvester. When I received the sacrament of confirmation, I was given the name Edward. My family name is Ugwuanyi, an Igbo name that roughly translates to "the hill that is ours". Abdul Malik, a Moslem name, was given to me by a moslem relative. Now therefore, you know why my official name is rather long: Ikechukwu Sylvester Edward Abdul Malik Ugwuanyi.

I am a mechanical engineer by training but I haven't really practiced much core engineering since I graduated from the University of Nigeria. Don't ask me why...  I have a deep love for poetry and  I also read a lot of fiction. Robert Ludlum and Dan Brown are my current favourite novelists. I love Wole Soyinka's poetry and Chinua Achebe's novels; it's just that they haven't been writing a lot these days. Of course, I also love fast motorbikes and I hope to own a HAYABUSA sometime soon. For now, I make do with a GSX R 750cc.

As to siblings, I have one brother Chukwu Emeka ("the Almighty has done exceedingly great deeds") and three surviving sisters Cheta Chukwu ("remember the Almighty"), Ekene Dili Chukwu ("may there be gratitude towards the Almighty) and Chinedu ("God leads the way"). I guess my parents are pretty religious! Well, that's it for now. I'll just point you to the page that says something about my people right here>>.