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Friday January 06, 2006



I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering of the University of Nigeria. I am also an alumnus of the University of Port Harcourt were I earned a Master's in Engineering Management.  I was at different times a student at two catholic secondary schools: Saint Teresa's College, Nsukka and  Saint Peter's College, Idah. 


Secondary school at Nsukka and Idah

Saint Teresa's College, Nsukka is a small, semi-urban, quiet secondary school in Nsukka. Anyhow, the boarding system did not agree with me and I left  the school pretty early for another Catholic school, Saint Peter's College, Idah.


Higher studies at the UNN
bullet The University of Nigeria. Well, there's nothing much to add. I'll just point you to a few pictures here> and here>> and here>>>.


Higher studies at the University of Port Harcourt
bullet The University of Port Harcourt. I'll be telling you more about the "Unique" University at a later date.

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